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How I Think The Milwaukee Sleep Ads Should Look....

I'm sure most have now seen the Milwaukee Sleep Ads:

Here's how I think this one should look:

This is what the research shows, why demonise all bed sharing?


"You can say that half the deaths occurred while babies slept with their parents. You could also say that half the deaths occurred while babies were alone in their cots, he says, but: "I don't see anybody saying, 'Don't put your baby in a cot.'"

Professor Flemming, Hazardous cosleeping environments and risk factors amenable to change: case-control study of SIDS in south west England BMJ. 2009; 339: b3666.

Fox News investigate and report re Milwaukee deaths, a MUST watch!


  1. Where are these ads being shown? This is terrible!

  2. I'd just change the text to say 'your baby sleeping in a cot on their own can be just as dangerous. Always sleep with your baby in the same room as you. Only share a bed if you know how to do it safely. For more information on safe co-sleeping call...'

  3. You forgot to put a picture of the baby being bottle fed formula. In 100% of the cases, the babies were formula fed.

  4. Not to mention baby is ALSO on his/her belly!!

  5. I think Rachael means in the Milwaukee deaths that prompted the ads

  6. This is the most ignorant advertising campaign I have ever seen in my entire life! I would love to have a word with the Numpty who decided it was a good idea

  7. The most amazing part of this is that the infant mortality rate in Milwaukee is >1%. In Canada it's half of that (0.5%). In Britain even lower (0.45%). This is a serious SIDS problem for Milwaukee!! Probably not coincidentally, Milwaukee has much lower than State and National average breastfeeding rates. I wonder if that has more to do with their SIDS problem than bedsharing? Perhaps they should beef up their breastfeeding education campaigns?

    AA, you have to stop getting me all riled up about this!! ;)

    From "Breastfeeding rates in Milwaukee are substantially lower then the estimated state and national rates, particularly among African Americans. Data show that 76% of women in Wisconsin report "ever breastfeeding" and that 48.1% report breastfeeding (not necessarily exclusively) at 6 months postpartum.

  8. AA, that is what I meant. There were ~20 cases of infants deaths that were linked to bed-sharing. A few where alcohol, smoking and/or drugs were possible indicators; however, in 100% of the cases, the infants were formula fed. Check this link out...hope it opens for you:,0,7099533.story

  9. Ugh, I'm from Milwaukee and I've seen these at bus stops. It makes me so mad! It has way more to do with poverty in the city than bedsharing.

  10. Amber - perhaps you need to get busy with a spray can...?


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