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If you faced challenging breastfeeding problems did you receive effective, timely NHS support?

How good is NHS support at meeting the needs of mothers who want to breastfeed in the UK?

I'm close to completing my book (keep an eye on the Pinter & Martin page if you want to stay in the loop) which got me wondering, just how good is the support on offer for parents today?

Lots of mums need basic help like being told what is normal or tips for using a breast pump, but what if you face more complex problems?

I'd like to hear from parents who experienced more severe issues such as having a baby who didn't gain weight well, or perhaps fed constantly despite some help with positioning and attachment.  Did you experience bleeding or trauma to your nipples that made feeding unbearable? Recurrent mastitis or something else?

You're welcome to add any comments to the blog, but please only do so if you're happy for me to potentially use your quote :)

If you faced challenging breastfeeding problems, did you receive effective, timely NHS support?