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Breastfeeding Q and A - Ask The Armadillo!

Quite often when I meet mums "in real life" and they find out what I do, they will at some point say something along the lines of; "What I've always wondered about breastfeeding is...." and what follows can be anything from a very run of the mill question they've never had the answer to, to something really quite "out there" and interesting, which has sparked some really good conversations to get everyone thinking.

Following my blog post on fore/hind milk, I've had a few emails along similar lines and so I thought why not add a Q&A section to my blog. I don't for a second claim to know everything, but I also have some great friends, contacts and a penchant for getting deep down and dirty with research ;) so thought it might spark some good posts.

So - if you have anything you would like me to tackle - whether it's a quick, easy question or something a bit more unsual; Email me and I will see what I can do :)

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