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Tongue tie, the hidden cause of feeding problems? (however you feed your baby)

So I first promised an entry about tongue tie some time ago and it's taken me rather a while to get something down "on paper".  It's such a big topic that I felt it was important to give full details if I was going to go there, hopefully some will find the following informative.

I've posted this one on our Milk Matters breastfeeding support site, but as I also plan to follow this ASAP with a post dedicated to tongue tie and reflux which I will be posting here on Armadillo - I wanted to share it here too :)

Tongue tie, the hidden cause of feeding problems? (however you feed your baby)

Milk Matters are confident identfying indicators of tongue tie.  We can help you explore your options both within the NHS and with the private IBCLC oral specialists we work closely alongside.

What Is It?
If you look under your tongue, you might see it is attached to the floor of your mouth with what is called a lingual frenum or frenulum.  This "string" is left over tissue from facial development and typically works its way back down the tongue during pregnancy, reducing to insignificance before birth.  Sometimes this doesn't happen and ties can also occur on upper or lower lips, gums and cheeks.
If the string is too short, or tight and so restricts movement of the tongue, this is termed "tongue tie" (Ankyloglossia).

How Common Is It?

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