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WIN......A T-shirt and bag from Lactivist!! (Mothers Milk Marketing Board)

To celebrate winning "Best Breastfeeding Blog", I am very excited to announce this giveaway offer in association with Lactivist - who promote gentle parenting and breastfeeding with witty slogans on t-shirts, bags, badges, keyrings and cards.

I'm a big fan of lactivist products - you can have the tees with shoulder poppers or envelope sleeves, short or long! there's even an organic range to go at! 

The image is my eldest in her "I love mummy milk" shirt many moons ago now! <IMAGE REMOVED>

Another favourite of mine bears the slogan "I like milk from my mum, not from just any old cow."

For this giveaway you can choose a tee of your choice - it doesn't have to be a breastfeeding slogan if you prefer to promote co-sleeping or cloth nappies.  Plus a nifty shopping bag!  If you don't have any children under four, they make a great gift with Christmas around the corner, but maybe keep the bag for yourself ;)

Something else I think definitely worth a mention for the expressing mums, are some stickers that adhere to a bottle and read "100% Mummy Milk" - one mum commented she felt very proud promoting she was using human milk, as everyone always assumes it's a substitute in the bottle!

Entry Details:

  • Open to UK members only.

  • Reply either here or on the lactivist thread on Facebook telling us which is your favourite design.

  • Share any article on this blog and then let me know where you've shared it.  If you share in more than one place, one entry for each share ie your blog - 1 entry, twitter - 1 entry etc, appropriate forum - 1 entry etc 

  • Invite a friend to the Facebook Group - if they join and reply on the message there with your name - 2 entries

  • Suggest a slogan - share what you would like to see printed - 1 entry
Closes: Wed 13th October 9pm


  1. I LOVE the "Milk from my Mummy, not just any old cow" one. Its been on my wishlist for a while but other essentials have overtaken it :/

  2. My favourite design is 'I like milk from my mum, not from just any old cow'. I also love '100% Mummy Milk Bottle Stickers' as for EPing mummy I had to express lots at work, they would have been lovely.

  3. Well as the only two entries so may stand a very good chance of winning!! LOL

  4. Shared on fb, also think the slogan 'breastfeeding the easy option'. Having been ill and had to use stored ebm for 2 days with my oldest it is the easiest option for me...all that sterilising was hard work! Thank you for the wise words :) Sarah TaylorDunn

  5. My fave is Mummy Milk Rocks!

  6. I just love the Care Instructions tshirt :-)

  7. I like the "Mummy Milk Rocks" design. :-)

  8. Just shared the waterbirth article, and also shared the one on incubators on my FB

  9. Emma (see pandas above) got me to join your group on fb.

  10. My favourite design is 'I like milk from my mum

  11. Lipsmackin' is my favourite - would love to see it on an adult tee. I also like 'care instructions', 'I love mummy milk' & the fab 'mummy milk rocks'.

  12. I love the 'Mummy milk' one... as my little boy surely does love his mummy milk (booboo)

  13. Wish U.S. residents could enter!

  14. Am I too late? Just shared on Facebook and Twitter :)
    My fav is Lipsmackin....


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