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Poem: Kids & The Fat Trap

I heard on the news there's an obesity epidemic
we're all getting fatter and they really need to stem it
Cancers, heart disease, diabetes and more
to the extent that Social Services are knocking at the door

before obesity can kill them, they're going to get 'em out of there!

Nobody seems to give a damn about the overwhelming irony
that these kids are the end product of a hypocritical society

As a child it seems there's junk food lurking everywhere you go
at school, at youth club, Brownies too, I'm forever saying no

So tell me Mr Government, if you really care so deeply
why you're plying it behind the scenes whilst smiling oh so sweetly?

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In fact those trying to get healthy seem to be the ideal market
as our leisure centre told me they have vending machine targets
Even at the hospital purpose built to help the sick
it seems all you really care about is trying to get rich quick

Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC & more
adorn the streets and shopping malls
enticing through their door...

In response our lovely government gives us "UK Change4Life"

Hang on Mr Government 
I thought the plan was less not more?

At the start of the Olympics, McDonalds came to town
along with Coca-Cola and they passed free samples down

The Tour de France was Haribo
cos "kids and grown-ups love it so"
their happy world means cash to blow
in return for seeing profits grow

You see the marketing for children is there to be sucked up
with lots of money changing hands, adverts at the World Cup

British Heart FoundationThe British Heart Foundation
said parents are undermined
by sophisticated promotions, on TV and now online
They exploit all the loopholes in marketing regulations
insidious, pervasive tactics to con a whole new generation

Billions spent every year
BeyoncĂ© advertising sodas
and the message is clear
junk food is fine
oh except when it's not
and know when to stop

The trouble as I see it with an obesity causing addiction,
is nothing can compare to it from natures own kitchen.

The more refined and processed foods pervade our normal diet,
the more deficient and sluggish we become which makes it harder then to fight it.

So junk surrounds us everywhere, with billions spent to lure us
then the government turns around and blames it on consumers?

For real?
Go on, tell us another...

But please sort this mess out before another child loses his mother.

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