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The £75 doll that lets girls as young as TWO 'bottlefeed'

A doll designed for girls as young as two to 'bottlefeed' has sparked a backlash from concerned mothers who have labelled it 'weird' and 'creepy'.

Children use a bottle which features a "replica of a human nipple' and the 'Bottle Milk Baby' makes suckling sounds when the girl puts the bottle in its mouth.

There is a second nipple enclosed to "pacify" the baby!

The £75 toys also giggles, coos and cries.

Angry parents have hit out at the doll created by French makers Corolle

The Rumour reported that one mum labelled it 'toe-curlingly gross' on blah-net, while another branded the toy 'disgusting'.

'I think a bottle feeding doll is just weird and gross,' said one mother. 'It is the same as these bras you get for young girls who just don’t need them.'

'Just let kids be kids – there’s plenty of time for them to learn about bottle feeding/birds and bees etc.'

As well as debating about whether the toy was appropriate for children many even wondered whether it was worth buying at all.

One said it was 'pointless and silly' while many others balked at the cost of the toy.

Another mum said: “Why would a little girl need to learn how to bottle feed before she has a baby? Before puberty?"

"This is another disgusting example of forcing adulthood on our children long before they’re ready.”

A bottle-feeding doll advocate said:

"It's about time there was a doll with a bottle, those without only serve to make mothers who had to use a bottle feel guilty.  Sure we all know breast it best, but formula isn't poison and if I want to buy my child a doll with a bottle, the breastfeeding mafia can try their guilt trips elsewhere!"

Verdict on bottle--feeding toy for children

Why do we adults think children want to be like us?  Yet again we have people making money selling things to children they don't need until adulthood.
We’ve had make-up, skimpy clothes, mobile phones and laptops for children – and now a bottle feeding doll.

Children enjoy pushing dollies in prams and if they want to copy their mother bottle feeding then they can do that with an existing doll.

Pretending to bottle feed is not something you’d imagine a child would want to be doing as a regular play activity.  They have play kitchens, play shops,  that's enough.

People seem to miss the point – when children play these games they do it to copy what’s around them, not because they want to be adults.

In case you've been living in a cave, this piece is a parody of recent coverage in UK Newspapers re the Breast-milk doll.  Nobody batted an eye lid at Corolle's £75 bottle feeding doll...

Daily Mail: The £60 doll that lets girls as young as TWO 'breastfeed' sparks outrage amongst mums as it goes on sale for Christmas


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