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Can you help give a child clean water and education?

I've never posted any sort of fundraising blog entry before, nor asked for sponsorship for anything (I've sponsored the race of life lots but never walked it!)  but I figure even if nobody else reads it - I can point friends and family this way.  And I thought as it's a parenting type blog and the efforts are to help children, it was kinda relevant :D

A girl fetching water
Oxfam Water Week is a new UK-wide initiative that gives pupils the opportunity to learn about global issues, develop their skills and values as active global citizens, and make a difference to the world.

Next week my 7 yr old is walking 4 miles (the average distance women walk in Mali to collect clean water) to raise money for the cause - and the more she's sponsored, the more can go to improve these stats:
In Mali, only 25 per cent of men and 12 per cent of women can read and write. Decaying school buildings, untrained teachers and a lack of clean water make matters worse. Girls are unable to go to school as they have domestic duties, including collecting water from unhygienic sources many miles from home. This contaminated water makes children sick, reducing school attendance further.
A lack of access to clean water and sanitation in schools is such a huge problem in Mali:
  • Only 45% of schools in Mali have a water point
  • Only 56% of schools have toilets
  • Entire villages may rely on the school water point
So, if you would like to sponsor my daughter you can do so here:

Preview Image

Any amount at all is appreciated - even tiny donations add up!  She has offered to take her camera, so she can post images from around the walk to share with donators - and I will keep updating the page with amounts raised!

You can read more about Oxfam's Water Week here

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