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ToddlerCalmTM Book Giveaway


Fancy winning a copy of ToddlerCalmTM: A guide for calmer toddlers and happier parents?

We talk a lot about different discipline approaches on the Facebook wall, and often people say if not time outs and sticker charts then what?

Author Sarah Ockwell-Smith has written this book to answer exactly that. With four young children and a psychology degree to boot, the mixture of experience and education come together in a practical package.

Unlike other parenting books written by nannies, or self proclaimed (yet completely unqualified) experts, Sarah has been there and done it with her own children - and as parents know, disciplining your own child with whom you are bonded, is very different to being a nanny.

The book covers:
  • Why toddlers are not mini-adults 
  • The science of toddler sleep 
  • Carrots and sticks - the problem with current popular parenting techniques 
  • Coping with a picky eater 
  • Communication - toddler style 
  • Avoiding difficult situations The importance of unconditional love 
  • Why you don't need to be permissive to parent respectfully

If you don't want to wait for the giveaway, the book is currently on sale at Amazon - £9.65 for paperback or £4.68 on Kindle:
 Have you joined the gentle parenting revolution?

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