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Armadillo Reviews

I've decided to add a review section to the blog, where things, places or events that I and readers like (or don't!) can be shared.  I'm sure as parents most of us have our "top items" we couldn't live without, and if anything like me with my first - also an awful lot of tat that was barely used.

It's definitely not a list of "essentials" but more of an I or a reader loves/loathes idea; perhaps you have found a chain store to be consistently positive and welcoming towards breastfeeding, or perhaps you bought a bouncy chair that sucks and want to let others know to avoid!

Rather than just the usual baby stuff, I thought it would be nice to extend to toddler/children age too as I know lots of readers have older ones - did you buy something brilliant or visit somewhere as a family you want to share with others?

At the moment I'm pondering children's birthday parties - I want something a bit different to the usual home/crafty affair, but play place parties and suchlike are definitely not for us.  The market out there is vast from swimming, bowling or karting parties to street dancing, face painting and even cooking!   (I'm going to pretend the dreaded "princess pamper parties" and suchlike don't even exist)  With prices ranging widely and then of course there's the whole party bag - to do or not to do, I get the feeling I should have started planning months ago.



  1. Instead of doing crafts at home, you could do some kind of adventure at home. Have missions for the kids to complete or maps to follow. Send them around the house and outside. Watch an adventure movie. Try adventurous foods. Have small prizes hidden around instead of goodie bags. 100 grand bars, ring pops, other things that sound like treasure...hmm this is turning into a pirate party as I write. You get the idea though!


  2. Ok...I just saw a show with other cool ideas!

    1. Circle theme: donuts, balloons, round cake, bubbles, lollipops, polka dots, bubble gum, round decorations, etc.
    2. Jackson Pollock: put up a big tarp outside and let kids paint like crazy and get messy (use paint brushes, water balloons with pain, fingers, their bodies, anything!, paint your own cupcakes, etc.

    Ok, and clearly I am the only person in the world excited about birthday parties :)



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