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Breastfeeding mums should use a bottle in public!

This one of the ridiculous lines I heard this week.

Because some people fail to understand the basic notion of mammals - they expect others to express their milk, use a plastic replica of their breast, and a silicone copy of their nipple - or go hide in another room. Breastfeeding in public is just offensive! And you know maybe they're onto something?

There are lots of things I would rather not look at:

This isn't too appealing:

Mmm isn't this attractive:

IRK messy eaters!

Eating with mouth open (yep sorry even if it's a cute kid!):

Ew and this:

Imagine this face eating:

Anyone eating fish - I hate the smell!

Jeremy Clarkson - who states in his column: Men do not find breastfeeding natural. We find it deeply disturbing. This is because men do not see breasts as part of the reproductive process. We see it as a plaything, a toy. And letting a baby use it is like letting a baby use the sports car we keep in the garage for sunny days. The mewling, squawking infant will tuin it. And invariably, of course, it does. Thanks Jeremy for speaking on behalf of all men....

I imagine vegetarians don't enjoy seeing this

and vegans would probably prefer not to see this:

Let's think what else?  Some people object to same sex relationships, or to those of a different faith or ethnic origin.

Hey, maybe we need a whole range of special rooms - so anyone who could potentially be offensive to anyone else, could be segregated....hmmmm actually I think that would mean everyone would need their own private "eating booth".  Perhaps that's the future if society can't get to grips with the "avert function" eyes have, or maybe we could get an i-Phone app to help with that?


  1. Fiona Robertson25 June 2011 at 14:01

    Jeremy Clarkson's manner & comments regularly turn my stomach. I swear we come from two different *species*, lol!

  2. Apparently Jermey Clarkson is too stupid to understand things can have more than one function, gosh, I wonder how he feels about eating *and* kissing with one's mouth!

  3. maybe he doesn't have sex? I mean he uses it to urinate.. and then

    maybe he ohh too much to think about

  4. Jeremy Clarkson is an absolute prat who thinks everyone can afford to race around above the speed limit in overpriced cars that are no good for the environment. He also calls people who holiday in caravans although he has probably never been in one. Not everyone has the amount of money he has and there is nothing wrong with going on holiday in the country in Britain in a place where you can guarantee the cleanliness of the accomodation and the food.

    As for breast feeding, well for the 'uneducated amongst you' like Jeremy Clarkson. That is what nature intended mammals to do. It is the best thing for the young of mammals, of which we are one, and the figures of the female of the species.

    Jeremy....get a life, you are an uncaring, sexist, self centred, egotistical, prat who was probabaly bottle fed by someone who was ashamed of her body.

  5. You know, I'm all for good manners, no nose-picking, thoughtfulness around vegans and vegetarians and people who are sensitive to smells. But, the fat-shaming, body-policing at the beginning about people's sizes has got to go.