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A moment for Pam Lacey...

It seems only right today, the day of the funeral - to take a moment to remember Pam Lacey, the late great chair of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

As I live at the other end of the country, I never had the pleasure of meeting Pam in person - I had chatted to her on the phone, messenger and email lists; and in all honesty I think it's pretty awesome one person can inspire someone as much as Pam did me, without ever even meeting...

When I first started training I remember reading an email from Pam and it suddenly hitting me how little I knew. Not only did Pam have the most amazing breastfeeding knowledge, but she had a way of expressing things that everyone could understand and which fuelled the passion in others. I can also clearly remember getting firmly put in my place when I used the word "advice", and at first her plain speaking was daunting - but it soon became clear it was because of the passion Pam had herself, not only for supporting mothers and babies, but ensuring everyone else doing so was doing it well! She had an amazing insight and understanding - not just about breastfeeding itself; but the barriers mums face, the tactics companies employ and how we could best support mothers to truly nurture their babies.

I also realised quickly how kind Pam was, how she could always spare time to patiently answer my never ending questions about anything and everything lactation related! When my own preemie had weight issues, Pam was there - the voice of reason, instilling confidence; her fantastically quick and witty sense of humour, and way of turning everything upside down to see it from a different angle.

During her time as chair, Pam didn't only help the mothers and babies she worked directly with - she changed things for thousands of mothers by the impact she made on others. If I can be a tenth of the lactation pioneer or "lactationeer" Pam was, I will feel it's a job well done - but I will also think of Pam, and strive to be that little bit better...
Thank you Pam!


  1. What a lovely message. I totally agree with it and I wish I could write as well as you to express how I felt about her. She was a great woman and will be sadly missed.

  2. I miss her so much! I've picked up the phone to ring her about 10 times since the funeral.

  3. Big hugs to you Maddie xxx I know nowhere near the same but just recently with "the" debate, I've wondered so much what Pam would have said...


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