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Boots UK Force Breastfeeders to Receive Baby Bottles?

This week saw the launch of what can only be described as an utterly random marketing move from Boots UK.  A move to include an obligatory "free gift" of a baby bottle when you purchase baby wipes. 

I'm not sure whether they got their team from the 1950s, but in 2019 we're drowning in plastic.  Not to mention the elephant in the room of course, from an environmental perspective - we really should be supporting those who want to breastfeed to do so.

Instead, not only is the bottle offered when someone is purchasing wipes, but there is no option to decline the free gift and remove it from the basket.

Image Emma Pickett @makesmilk Twitter
Some Tweeters agreed:


I can't feel but this spectacularly misses the point. Why should someone who is trying to establish breastfeeding, have to find someone who needs a bottle to get rid of it - thus undertaking the bottle manufacturers' marketing for them? (it's still reaching a consumer in the hope they will purchase more of the same brand). 

Why can't they decline the "gift"?

Would Dr Cairns be equally as dismissive if mums were receiving free breastpads?  I can only imagine the uproar, the outpourings from mothers who didn't want them and the claims of pressure to breastfeed.

Other Tweeters noted this too:

And of course the obligatory comments about how some people have to use bottles! (since 88% of babies are bottlefed by 4 months, I think the world is aware the MAJORITY of people are using bottles). 

However this does not justify the insidious, forced marketing to parents and carers who DO NOT WANT THEM.

Let's not even pretend this is all about breastfeeding.

Many who bottle-feed have a brand they use, or don't need or want more bottles either!

Manufacturers know this - so they've clearly done a deal to force their product into your home, like it or not. Maybe if you try one, you'll love it and buy more!  If not, it's used - then what?

Perhaps the most ridiculous argument I read around the subject, was that anyone using these wipes (a single use product that is only 20% recyclable), can't possibly complain getting a free multiple use plastic item.

Using that argument anyone who drives a car, gets on a plane or buys non-organic clothes, can't complain about anything ever.

What if someone doesn't always have reliable access to facilities to wash reusable-wipes, nor safely prepare formula, thus they're trying desperately to establish breastfeeding to free up government tokens for fruit and veg instead? What if more than 50% of children were being raised in poverty - oh no wait, that's right they are

So let's flip this around.

Why can't they decline the "gift"?

Anyone claiming they don't have a problem with this incentive is free to answer (on a postcard, or perhaps more effectively - in the comments below):
Why should parents have to receive an item that they do not want or need?

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