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Parent's Breastfeeding Experiences...

I thought a space to share breastfeeding experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly might be nice. 

Whether you found it all really easy and breezed your way through, or whether you struggled and suffered - it would be great to get a big mix of stories.  Perhaps you didn't manage to breastfeed previous children but have since cracked it with a subsequent baby? How easy did you find it to get support?  Were you ever given duff information?  Would you do anything differently?

I want to hear from you - so get writing ;)  It would also be really cool if we could get some dad's involved too and hear their take on things.  Is it harder to bond with a breastfed baby?  what tips are worth sharing with other new dads?  was it hard on you if mum had problems?

Click the red "Share your story" button above to email me, and I will pop it here on site.  Be GREAT to include a photo too for those who are willing, if you prefer to be anonymous that's fine too.


Here we go, all posts are unedited and as they were received:

Lisa D's Experience: I didn't read anything about breastfeeding before I had my first baby.  I just assumed it would happen easily, and didn't really involve more than getting your boobs out and popping the baby on. I never thought about all the anxieties, mostly irrational, about my ability to feed my baby. Most things simply didn't occur to me until I actually breastfed...continues

Kayleigh's Experience: I'm currently breastfeeding my 9 month old son, after not being as successful with two older boys. When my eldest was born almost 5 years ago I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I actually believed that there wasn't much difference how you fed your baby. I wanted to give it a go, but I also wasn't too worried whether I managed to do it for long or not...continues

Rebecca's Experience: My story is a mixed bag.  I grew up around formula feeding and much to my own mothers disgust was formula fed due to doctor's misinformation, unfortunately she died of ovarian cancer when I was 19 (I constantly wonder if this is linked to her not breastfeeding).  My in-laws are a fully formula fed family as well....continues

Verity's Experience: This starts with the birth of my first daughter in 2006 following an induction that lasted 4 days with her finally being born by ventouse....Lily was very difficult to feed as a newborn as she had jaundice that required bili-bed therapy. She was born at 00.05 on a Tuesday and fed fairly well the first 18 hours, but soon stopped being able to latch and instead took to screaming only being comforted by my walking her about (which was not allowed by the ward Midwives)....continues

Triss' Experience: My daughter breastfeed fine for nearly two weeks, though often and cluster feeds. I didn't know this was normal and had some new mum anxiety this was so often, as her birth weight was still falling at this point.  She then had an infection on her fingers and toes, which on reflection was probably from the hospital ...continues

Vicky H's Experience: When I was pregnant I was determined I was going to breastfeed. My husband wanted to buy some bottles and formula "just in case" but that was not an option for me. I wasn't expecting it to be easy having watched my best friend screaming in pain as her 3 day old son latched on, but I did expect it to be possible and to just happen....continues

Olga's Experience: (Exclusive Pumping/Expressing) My daughter is over two years old now and this is my breastfeeding story. I will also give you some background on her birth as I think that’s where all the problems began. Or maybe it all went wrong earlier – as during my pregnancy I did not read anything about breastfeeding...continues

Emma C's Experience: (Relactation) My breastfeeding story started when I was a little girl!!! Why? I hear you say, well, I crazed my parents for a baby-doll when I was little and lucky little-me got one for Christmas. I don't think I was older than 5 years old....continues

Nadya's Experience: I have always known that one day, when I have children, I will breastfeed them. There was never the question - shall I use formula or not, I did not know what formula was! continues

Jo B's Experience: I have breastfed 4 children, and with each I never thought that I would have problems and I never thought there was another way… to give a newborn a bottle of formula just seemed alien to me. There is nothing as amazing as the feeling you get when feeding your newborn and also the satisfaction of knowing that you are the only source of nourishment for your ever growing, gorgeous baby...continues

Rhiann's Experience: (twins) 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son Jasper – I was planning to breastfeed partly due to the fact my mother had breastfed me and my 3 younger siblings, maybe as a farmers daughter I thought how hard could it be – such a natural thing?!?  continues

Lorna's Experience: While I was pregnant, I read some books to familiarise myself with aspects of raising a baby including breastfeeding, but to be honest, I just assumed I would pop the baby on and it would work - I realise now from many friends' experiences that I was quite naive to assume it was always so easy...continues 

Kai's Experience: When I was 19 I gave birth to my first son, I always said I'd “try to breastfeed but if I couldn’t I wouldn’t get upset” Alex was born under very stressful circumstances...continues

Karen's Experience:  My first child was born in 2004, and even after reading all the pregnancy & birth books and magazines I could get my hands on I was still nervous and unsure about everything, including breastfeeding. continues

Alice's Experience: I had the crappiest possible start to breastfeeding and honestly it is a miracle I am still breastfeeding my almost one year old daughter (only one feed a day now though). It honestly is the hardest thing I have ever ever done in my life (labour was a worse experience but this was harder experience!) and also the thing I am most proud of achieving! (And now I know what to answer in a job interview if they ever ask that question!). continues