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Revolutionary Feeding Method – Tru-Breast

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Taking the parenting world by storm and you can see why!

If you don’t want to waste time sterilising bottles, are too tired to be getting up during the night to make feeds to order and want the ultimate in convenience and hygiene – this could be for you…

No other feeding system offers the following patented features:

Lul-A-Bye Sound Unit – as baby feeds they hear comforting soothing sounds, familiar from the womb; guaranteed to relax both baby and mum.

KWIK-KLEEN™ Teat – Forget latex or rubber, this system features a unique NO STERILISE teat.  No matter how often it’s used or the time between uses, it NEVER needs sterilising.  What’s more you save money as it never needs replacing! (guaranteed)

KWIK-FIL™ Temperature Regulating Holding Tank – Making bottle warmers a thing of the past, this stores baby’s milk at just the right temperature - meaning no risk of nasty bacteria thriving.  Never too hot or too cold, ensuring optimum safety (no need to test each feed). Features automatic refill system so there’s no fuss, hassle or wait when baby is hungry.  What’s more there’s no need to refrigerate left-overs; milk stays warm in the unit - ready when baby is.

ANC™ Auto Nutrient calculator - No more scooping or measuring!  Research shows a large percentage of bottles are made incorrectly – this system ensures optimum nutrient delivery at EVERY feed, guaranteed.

Environmentally Friendly - Although you can buy fabric covers, these are not essential (and many mums find the system is quicker without until they get the hang of it)  All components have a lifetime guarantee.  

Normal Oral Development - we’ve all heard the scare stories about bottle mouth or cavities - you can rest easy with Tru-Breast.

Built In KWIK KLEEN™ Pacifier - Is baby always dropping their pacifier?  Tired of hunting around at night trying to find where it’s gone?  Tru-Breast features a unique built in pacifier which cannot fall to the ground and is always easily located.  Again no sterilising required and lifetime guarantee.  Patented design that causes baby to naturally reduce sucking time as they get older – removing any risk of overuse causing delayed speech.  Approved by dentists to support normal development

Already proving a hit worldwide, parents LOVE Tru-Breast.
My youngest Toby just didn’t get on with standard bottles.  He slept very long periods and when awake was constipated and unsettled.  Since we swapped to Tru-Breast I feel we’ve really started to bond – and you know what they say; happy mum = happy baby.
Mrs C Leavage
Some friends who didn’t choose the Tru-Breast system, claim bottles are fine – I say why settle for second best? demand help from your midwife if you have any trouble using the system.
Miss B Reasty
But That’s not all!

Unique storage system saves the problem of where to put everything in case of future children!  Full range of  sizes, shapes and colours available.  All sizes function with equal efficiency.  Units come in pairs and improve with use.  Traveling with baby is a dream with Tru-Breast - The easier no mess, no worry way to feed YOUR baby.

Tru-Breast comes free with every pregnancy!  

With TRU-BREAST around, why bother with other methods?

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Very loosely based upon an article that used to be widely available on the web.  This version ™Milk Matters LTD


  1. This was hysterical the first time and just as funny for a second read. And spot on too! I always stare dumbfounded and people who think bottle feeding is easier.


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