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Activism Isn’t About Being Better Than You

I really liked this article so thought I would share a few extracts - the full article is well worth a read, link below :)
Often people ask why people care. Why do I care about getting out good breastfeeding information?
Why do I care if you breastfeed? Because it’s hard, that’s why. Because there is so much to know, so much to learn, so much to get through, so many obstacles, especially societal and cultural, that stand in your way. There is so much misinformation, and the risks of formula are so insanely downplayed at risk of hurting someone’s feelings that women honestly aren’t making an informed decision, even when they think they are.
Because studies show that formula fed babies are at risk for many more problems, no matter how much formula companies and often formula-feeding moms try to convince you (and themselves) that there’s little to no difference, it’s not true. Formula is an amazing, life-saving nourishment for babies… when breastmilk is not available. 
I certainly understand how many things stand in a mom’s way. I have learned so much over the years, and I want you to know what I know, because I don’t want you to struggle. I want to help you remove so many of the barriers that I had to overcome, without you having to learn the hard way.
I could keep going, I could go into birth explanations, but it all boils down to this: people become activists not because they woke up one day and decided to be an asshole or loudmouth. Something happens in their life that shows them that there is a specific need for more support, more information, more action in a certain area.
Even if “Why do YOU care what I do with MY child?” seems like a good retort, it’s really rather ridiculous, as caring about children and being an advocate for their health is an amiable trait, not one that should be shot down because of “parental choice.” Parents choose to do lots of things, but that doesn’t mean they’re all right or okay or healthy.

Before insulting someone or being offended by their passion, maybe you could do what activists are so often told to do, which is find out their story. Because most people start out not caring at all… but something happens that shows them someone needs to, and often, most often, it’s because they wish some activist had been there for them, and because they have something potentially life-saving to teach you, if you actually let down your guard long enough to listen.


  1. Love love love it :)

  2. I LOVE your post! This is totally how I feel. It makes me so sad to see people struggling more than they have to for whatever reason. I see it so much in friends and especially family members. Breaks my heart. I've learned to close my mouth more because they honestly don't want to hear it and it only caused bad feelings on both sides. The only consolation I have now is knowing that 1. I can pray for them and 2. they know I'm here if they need something.

    Thanks again for your post. I reposted in on facebook :)

  3. You somehow found out exactly how I feel and put it in words better than I ever could have...thanks, I will share with my friends. :)


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