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Brugo Mug Giveaway!! International Offer

Ok I said when I got 300 Facebook fans I would give a nifty little something away - so how about  a couple of Brugo Mugs?

One thing I distinctly remember about having a tiny baby was never getting to finish a hot cup of tea, instead I used to find either untouched or half consumed cups dotted around the house like a disbanded army by the end of the day.

Although breastfeeding mums have a good excuse to grab the remote, some snacks and snuggle up feeding - many don't want to risk holding a hot drink over baby at the same time

I'd like to say this improved dramatically as they got older, but a far more common scenario was: put baby down for nap, run round grabbing a bite to eat and a quick tidy round, decide to make a brew, pick up paper, sit down read one line, have one sip and hear the familiar sound of baby waking.  No really, it's like they have an inbuilt sensor!  Once they're walking, crawling and pulling things from high surfaces - tea consuming opportunities reduce even further (I like my tea can you tell? lol).

My partner in sympathy bought me an insulated mug, which was handy in that it kept the drink warm long enough to have a chance to drink it - but as anyone who has used one will know, thermal mugs keep things hot; meaning it can be quite a while before your drink is cool enough to swallow without scorching half the lining of your throat.  With hectic new baby life, that meant I could even manage to forget I had a hot drink sat cooling somewhere!

So when I spotted Brugo mugs online I thought ooooooooooooohhhhh, that might be handy for a breastfeeding mum....

What's nifty about a Brugo mug?
Well apart from the fact they look rather good, it comes down to Brugo's Thermodynamic Technology, which in English means not only does it keep drinks warm for several hours, it also cools some to the perfect temperature for you to drink....clever huh!

The lid has three options; lock, sip and tip and cool.  When you first make your drink if you want to drink some straight away, you can twist the lid to the tip and cool setting.  Tip the cup away from you for a few seconds and some of the liquid moves into the patented temperature control chamber.
You then swill with a "brandy" motion and that sip is instantly adjusted to the perfect temperature, while the remaining liquid in the main chamber stays hotter.

As the drink in the main chamber cools (generally by the time it's about 3/4 full), you can then switch to "sip", bypassing the cooling option and driniking straight from the cup.  Lastly, and probably obviously there is the "lock" function which makes it spill proof.  Please note - if you turn the cup upside down and shake it, a small amount of liquid will be released, it is not completely sealed so don't throw it in your handbag!

Is it perfect?
Being analytical, things are rarely perfect!  I would like the option of a handle and I would prefer a slightly more indented lid to give a more ergonomic feel when drinking - but all the pros mentioned above out weigh these for me.

Want to win one?

1) Visit BRUGO MUG HERE and choose your favourite colour.  There is the vibrant jazz range featured above, or the more sophisticated executive range, 13 colours in total!
3) Share my Facebook group or this blog somewhere (Facebook, Forum, Twitter etc)
2) Join my Facebook Group and under the brugo topic, let me know what colour is your fav and where you have shared.

You can also obtain bonus entries for the draw:
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If you do any of these things, please make a new Facebook comment for each item and they will count as additional entries.

I have two cups to give away.  Draw closes 18.9.10 and the winners will be selected using  Offer is open Internationally.


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