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Something To Consider When Buying an Electric Breast Pump

I've had a few requests to make yesterday's Facebook Status into a blog post so it has a static location, here it is :)

Medela Swing
Ameda Purely Yours
Did you know that for over £25 less than the non code compliant Medela swing pump (priced at £99.99), an open system which isn't recommended for sharing or reselling - you can get a code compliant Ameda Purely Yours, closed system single electric pump? (priced at £72.24 )
As you can also see on that page, click double and for £7 more than the single Medela swing, you can get the Ameda double Lactaline pump (£107.24)
Ameda Purely Yours
Lactline Double
Ameda is a brand many Baby Friendly hospitals use due to code compliance issues, including my local hospital 9 yrs ago when I had my preemie.

What is the code?

If you're not familiar with the importance of the code, it's explained by Best for Babes Foundation here.
Kellymom gives a good run-down of companies to avoid/choose here.

What is a closed v open pump?

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths highlights perfectly why you should never buy second hand, or resell an open system like the swing here - as it's not sealed milk can enter the internal mechanism, and many are not aware they need to take the whole pump body apart to clean and sterilise in there.

Closed systems like the Ameda, have a proven airlock protection system, which prevent the air from the breast pump from coming in contact with milk. A new user can then simply replace the collection kits/choose a different size if needed and away you go:

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