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Win.... An "Organic Babies" Mum & Baby Gift Box

I said when we reached 1000 Facebook fans I would run another giveaway - here it is....

This lovely Mum & Baby gift box from "Organic Babies" is the perfect starter kit of  goodies for beautiful, soft skin - it's a perfect gift for new mums and worth £30!

It is certified 100% organic and contains:
  • Nappy Cream Baby Balm 40ml
  • Mum & Baby Moisturiser 150ml
  • Chamomile Baby Wash & Shampoo 150ml
  • Baby Salve 30ml
Green People use - 100% gentle, 100% vegetarian, 100% cruelty-free ingredients. Certified Organic plant oils, herbal infusions, essential oils and fair trade ingredients.

Green Peopl don't use - Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, Parabens, Lanolin, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Synthetic fragrances, Irritating emulsifiers, PABA-sunscreen, Petrochemicals, Colourants, DEA, TEA, PEG’s, Urea, and all other unnecessary synthetic additives common in many of today’s health and beauty care products.

10% of net profit is donated to organic and environmental charities.

About Green People:
Green People is a forward-thinking company which specialises in organic body care products. With an extensive range of natural products – shampoos, face creams, sun lotions and body washes to name just a few – it is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK.
However, it started from very simple roots: the seeking of a mother to help her young daughter.

Back in 1994, 2-year-old Sandra was suffering from eczema and severe allergies and just couldn’t stop scratching herself. With much determination, her mother, Charlotte Vøhtz, decided to get to the bottom of the problem. She discovered that many of Sandra’s skin allergies were being triggered by chemical-based household and personal care products. When these were removed – and with the help of a herbal cleansing tonic and a balanced Omega 3 & 6 intake – Sandra’s skin began to clear up.

Charlotte says: “From that moment, I realised that we all are children of the chemical age and that man-made chemicals found everywhere, combined with changing dietary habits, profoundly affect us all.”

She was so impressed by the difference that her natural methods and home-made natural skin care products had made that she thought she should share her discoveries with others. This was the start of Green People.

Awards from 2010:

Tips: Winner Best Organic Nappy Cream –Nappy Cream Baby Balm – Tips Awards 2010
Tips: Winner Best Organic Baby Lotion –Baby Lotion No Scent – Tips Awards 2010
Tips: Winner Best Eco Friendly Shampoo – No Scent Baby Wash & Shampoo – Tips Awards 2010

How To Enter
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Hope that's clear but any questions or queries please shout :)

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